If any of the following answers do not satisfy your question, please feel free to call us at (571) 229-9054.

Q:  Does The Lemonade Bakery offer donations? 
A:  Yes.  We offer gift cards to charitable causes when asked in our store.  Due to the large number of requests we are unable to answer email solicitations.  


 Q: Is this a gluten-free bakery?  

A: No.  We do accomodate for egg, nut, tree nuts, dairy, and other allergies but there is too much flour in our facility to safely offer gluten free options.  

Q: Is delivery available on Monday? 

A:  No.  On Mondays we are closed and this is the only day of the week when we do not offer delivery.  

Q: Should I have been contacted about my order?  

A:  Yes, but maybe not right away. Give us time to process your order but if you haven't received any indication that we've gotten your email or confirmed your order than by all means please try contacting us again.  Things do get lost.  However, if you are simply awaiting the invoice, please be patient because invoices are prioritized according to the event dates provided.


Q: How much notice do I need to place an order? 
A: One week for a basic order; two weeks for custom orders; and if your event is on a weekend or near a holiday we recommend ordering a month in advance.    

Q: What is the delivery charge?  
A:  We charge $25 for all deliveries and $35 for deliveries to DC or Maryland.  Discounts are available for schools or multiple orders that are delivered to the same address.