Small Box


6 traditional ounce cookies

2 glazed sugar cookies

1 bag of candy

Birthday Box


6 traditional Ounce Cookies

1 Birthday Bundt Cake

4 Glazed Sugar Cookies

1 Bag of Candy

1 Pack of Birthday Candles

Care Package


1-Doz. Traditional Ounce Cookies

1/2-Doz. Glazed Sugar Cookies

6 Brownies

1 Bag of Candy

Large Box


2-Doz. Traditional Ounce Cookies

1/2-Doz. Sugar Cookies

6 Scones

1 Bag of Candy

Price does not include shipping.  Packages are shipped flat rate via USPS. 

It is recommended to avoid shipping over weekends and holidays. Best consumed on day of delivery. 

Customizable order are possible but subject to availability.  Want a particular flavor?  Just put the detail in your order! 

Cookie Decorating Kits

Large Kit:  ($24)

(12) Plain sugar cookies.

(3) 6oz bags of frosting in three colors. 

Plus 2oz of decorating sprinkles.


Small Kit:  ($16)

(6) Plain sugar cookies (4x3" in size).

(2) 6oz bags of frosting in two colors.

(1) Ounce of decorating sprinkles.


Enjoy decorating your very own Halloween goodie at home this year with the decorating kit from The Lemonade Bakery.  Our popular egg, nut, and peanut free cookies paired with buttercream frosting and sprinkles.  All made from scratch right in Old Town.  The kit includes twelve large cookies, three bags of colored frosting, and two ounces of sprinkles.  

Now with Halloween Shapes! 

Pumpkins, ghosts, and bats! 

Halloween Assorted Cookies:

$24/doz.  Mix and match a variety of ghosts, eyes, candy corn, bats, pumpkin, jack o' lanterns, and more!  

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